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Driving modes to fit your style and needs

Ecobike e-bikes offer 3 different driving support modes. You can choos whatever mode suits you and change it as you drive anytime

Traditional bike ride

You can use an e-bike in a standard way with the motor turned off. It does not weigh much more than a traditional bike

Smart driving assistance

The motor starts its work upon pedaling. The quicker you go, the faster it accelerates. Once you stop pedaling or brake, the motor disconnects automatically.

Fully-assisted driving

The powerful motor can fully take over your driving effort and let you reach your destination fast. Perfect for your daily commute

What is an electric bike? How does an electric bike work?

Each electric bike consists of three key elements which accelerate it. These are: the battery (accumulator), electric motor and electrical controller- controlling the work of the entire vehicle. Except for the accelerating mechanism, an electric bikes’ construction doesn’t vary from a traditional bike that we’ve known for years.


An electric bike battery is the most important power source of the vehicle. Aluminium Ecobike bikes are equipped in efficient li-ion batteries successfully used in modern laptops and mobile phones. The battery life is approx. counted for 500 chargings. The battery power may decrease with time, that’s why its replacement is advised. One full recharging of battery is sufficient to cover the distance of 40-60 km, which in total gives us 20 000km! There are two battery voltage available: 24V and 36V. A number of kilometers traveled on one charging depends on the battery capacity.

Electric motor

Electric Ecobike are accelerated with a modern 250 W brushless motor. This is the highest power allowed by European Union. The brushless motor is completely maintenance-free and practically fail-save. It’s great advantage is efficient power use maintaining a longer ride. To cover up a 100km distance, the motor uses the electicity of a total 1zł cost!!! Thanks to the motor an electric bike attains the speed of 25km/h also regualted by EU.

Controller and display

The controller is responsible for the work of the motor, and for the power transfer directly from the battery to the motor. The controller joins all the electric wires together. It cooperates with a sensor attached to a bottom bracket creating an intelligent electric assistant system. The sensor registers the cranks’ rotations, senses cyclists’ intentions and automatically, with the controllers’ help, transfers the info to the motor to run the riding support function. In electric bikes equipped with a gas lever the controller cooperates with the motor by the lever.

Throttle grip

Most electric bikes offered by Ecobike have a throttle grip that is locked at the factory and allows you to turn on the bicycle assistant, which involves electric assistance not only while riding, but also in a situation where we need to ride the bike somewhere.

Only reliable technologies

Bikes are all about the equipment. Ecobike e-bikes combine reliable parts from recognized manufacturers with durable electric motors and long-lasting batteries.
Ecobike e-bike parts: Ananda, Bafang, DAPU, LG, Schwalbe, Shimano, Spaninga, SRAM, SR SunTour, Selle Royale, VELO, Wellgo

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an e-bike and a traditional bicycle?

An electric bike, or e-bike, supports muscle strength and makes it easier to climb hills and travel over longer distances. An electric bike can be a fast and cheap means of transport in the city (electric city bikes, e.g. the Ecobike City series). There are also electric mountain bikes (MTB), trekking, which give a lot of pleasure to ride on any terrain. Ecobike electric bicycles are suitable for everyone. Skills or age don't matter.

How fast can I ride an electric bike?

Electric bicycles reach different speeds, depending on the power and type of motor, as well as the battery. The fastest of them, e.g. Ecobike speed bikes have a maximum speed of about 40 kmph. In accordance with applicable regulations, electric bicycles can travel on public roads at speeds up to 25 km / h. After exceeding this speed, the electric support is turned off and we are dependent on the strength of our muscles. In addition to public roads, you can unlock the maximum speed using the display panel

Is an electric bike heavier than a regular bike? How much does an e-bike weigh?

An average electric bike weighs about 24 kg. Additional kilograms include engine, battery and drive system. The higher weight of the bike is not felt in any way while riding.

How long does it take to charge the electric bicycle battery? Where can i do that?

The electric bicycle battery is charged anywhere that has access to a regular outlet. We can charge it at home, at work, anywhere. It is important to follow the manufacturer's rules set out in the instructions, including use the original charger and do not allow long-term discharge

How often do you need to charge the battery?

The frequency of charging depends on the driving style. Some will charge the battery every day, others every week. If we use the electric bicycle regularly, we charge the battery when it is discharged. Remember to use the original charger and not to drain the battery during extended periods of non-use (e.g. in winter), but to maintain a charge level of approx. 60-80%. Thanks to this, we will significantly extend the battery life

What is the battery life span? How long does the bike battery last?

The analysis shows that the average battery of an electric bicycle retains its original capacity after about 700-800 charging cycles (manufacturers usually indicate a value> 500 cycles). This means that with very intensive use of the electric bicycle all year round, when charging the battery every 2 days, the battery will remain functional for up to 3 years! Importantly, after this time, the battery will continue to work, but may gradually require more frequent cycles and reduced capacity

Electric bicycle and rain or snow

In what atmospheric conditions can you ride an electric bike? The answer to this question is: everybody. Electric bicycles, including their motors and batteries, are specially adapted and secured to serve throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

How to care for an electric bike? Can you fix it yourself?

An electric bicycle requires similar maintenance as a traditional bicycle. To avoid breakdowns and problems, you must regularly clean dirt, dust, mud. Ecobike electric bicycles have already traveled tens of thousands of kilometers without any fault. However, when a malfunction occurs, it is advisable to contact a professional service.


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