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Key features

468 - 630 Wh

Battery capacity (Wh)

Battery strength (measured in Wh - watt hours) translates into, among others for the maximum range of the route and duration of the electric bicycle assisted with a fully charged battery

140 km

Maximum range

Specifies the maximum route length you can travel on one battery charge. The distance depends on the rider's weight, terrain difficulty as well as the level of support

23,5 kg

Bike weight

Total weight of all bicycle components - engine, battery, frame and accessories. EcoBike electric bicycles have the lowest weight-power ratio

250 W

Engine power

The power of the electric bicycle's engine translates into the maximum speed to which the engine will assist your ride. Some EcoBike electric bikes have the option of choosing engine power, which allows you to support up to 25, 35 or 45 km / h - depending on the country's traffic regulations

When the road becomes unpredictable trail, there is no room for unproven solutions.
You need a bike you can rely on.
Meet the SX. An e-bike MTB that you won't hesitate to go further than the others.

The Ecobike SX looks like it has been drawn by a simple movement, but its design is the result of complex work.
The frame has been designed in such a way that, while maintaining good ergonomics, it can accommodate the entire battery.
We have obtained a durable construction that holds the battery well, and inserting and removing it has become more convenient.
As always with Ecobike, you can configure your e-bike with batteries of different capacities: 13 Ah and 17,5 Ah.

Our proven electric system, which we have used on our bikes since years and we constantly improve, is responsible for a unique riding experience and reliable assistance.
A powerful and maintenance-free Bafang motor that transfers power through the rear wheel will allow you to climb hills and will not give up even in difficult conditions.
With the modern controller, you will not have to worry about the drive system - it will take care of itself while you are enjoying the ride.
On the easy-to-use control panel you can read the most important parameters and choose the best settings for you.

We want to be sure that the SX will not let you down, so durable equipment is a must.
We used, among others high-quality Microshift Marvo derailleurs and hydraulic Alhonga brakes, excellent SunTour XCM fork and very strong tires TRC Dryjack.

We have created a new MTB model. Choose your favorite from among the three variants and go into unknown!

Technical specification

  • Bike technical specs
  • Bike engine
  • Bike battery

Bike technical specs


25,5 kg (aluminium)

Maximum load

125 kg


17" hydroformed alluminium


TRC Dryjack 27,5"x2,1


27,5 inches, reinforced rims and stainless spokes


Microshift Marvo 3x9


Microshift Marvo Xpress Shifters 3x9


ALHONGA hydraulic HJ-HT472


SunTour XCM

Steerer parameters

zew. 28.6 mm / wew. 25.4 mm / dł. 247 mm


VELO VL-3363

Seat post

PROMAX SP-252 (27,2 mm x 350 mm)


Zoom MTB-AL-312BT

Handlebar stem

Promax MA-47


SUNRACE MFE90 9CU / 13-32T / 9 SPEED


Shimano AFCM371C422CL

Front hub



Feimin FP-B902W




KMC X9 / 11x128 / 112 mm


VELO VLG-776-12D3+VLP-171


SAPIM 13G / Front wheel: 268 mm / Rear wheel: 230 mm

Bike engine


36 V


rear wheel


35 km / h limited to 25 km / h in accordance with EU standard EN 15194


45 N.m

Maximum power

560 W


250 W

Motor brand


Max Power

560 W



Bike battery


30 A


700 charges

Charging time

4 - 8 hours




36 V

Capacity ah

13 Ah - 17,5 Ah


60 - 140 km


220-240V/42V / 2A / D type

Smart BMS


Capacity Wh

468 - 630 Wh

Cells brand


Product manufacured according to European Union regulations & standards EN15194 / EPAC / ISO4210-2

Only reliable technologies

Bikes are all about the equipment. Ecobike e-bikes combine reliable parts from recognized manufacturers with durable electric motors and long-lasting batteries.
Ecobike e-bike parts: Ananda, Bafang, DAPU, LG, Schwalbe, Shimano, Spaninga, SRAM, SR SunTour, Selle Royale, VELO, Wellgo


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