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New e-bike season 2022

It's time for an e-bike

Plan your 2022 bike season trips today with Ecobike e-bikes.
Enjoy the weather and freedom supported by power of electric motor!
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Celebrating 15 years together!

Get to know our brand better and understand why Ecobike knows about the electric bikes like no other!
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Check the e-bike superpowers! Here is where the real adventure begins
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Let the numbers speak for themselves

Average cost of travelling 100 km
based transport prices in Poland
(April 2022)




18 PLN


21 PLN


24 PLN


26 PLN

LPG car

32 PLN

Gasoline car

55 PLN

Diesel car

64 PLN

Top advantages of e-bikes

Many people ask whether it is worth buying an electric bike or a regular bike. Here are the top benefits of having an e-bike from Ecobike

Save money

Maintaining an electric bicycle is much cheaper than maintaining a car. You spend a lot less money with an e-bike. The cost savings are huge. And you can travel a lot faster! You don't have to register or buy an insurance for your electric bike.

Avoid traffic jams

Forget about being stuck in traffic jam! The overall number of cars is not decreasing, it grows. With an electric bike, you can get to wherever you want - to work, school, friends or shopping!

Get in shape

An electric bike ride is not only pleasant, but also very healthy. An electric bicycle may either support your driving effort or take it over from you completely. Choose the right driving assistance mode, enjoy the fresh air and go outside!

Be eco friendly

It now seems that the future belongs to electric vehicles. We must finally take care of our Planet. By using an electric bicycle, you contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions in your closest area!

How does an e-bike work?

Electric bike is a great alternative to the traditional bicycle. Electric motor supports effortless driving. Depending on your needs we have different types of e-bikes available for you, including city bikes, trekking or even mountain electric bikes
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Biuro detektywistyczne Rutkowski odzyskuje rowery Ecobike warte około 1.000.000 zł


W piątek 8 kwietnia ekipa Krzysztofa Rutkowskiego razem ze słowacką policją przechwyciła w okolicach Bratysławy dwa kontenery rowerów Ecobike o rynkowej wartości około miliona złotych. Rowery zostały wyłudzone przez oszustów podających się za przedstawicieli szwedzkiej firmy zajmującej się sprzedażą artykułów budowlanych, ogrodniczych i sportowych.

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Our review: Ecobike Even - a great foldable e-bike


Jeśli zatem szukasz idealnego roweru na dojazdy do biura i przejażdżki po mieście, to warto rozważyć zakup Evena. Podczas naszych testów udało się bez problemu zmieścić do bagażnika kompaktowego samochodu kombi dwa takie rowery. Mało tego: pozostało jeszcze bez problemu miejsce na wsadzenie innych bagaży na wycieczkę, takie jak: plecaki, kaski, oraz... prowiant na wycieczkę za miasto! Zobaczcie sami...

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Brand new online experience of EcobBike brand in 2020


EcoBike is growing, growing with each subsequent season. As part of the lucky 13th anniversary of the EcoBike brand on the Polish market, we are introducing a new website and online store. We will improve and develop it so that it is a rich source of knowledge about electric bikes and our offer. We encourage you to share opinions and apologize for any errors in the initial stage of the site


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Catalog 2023 <span>New</span>

Ecobike product catalog 2022

Download the newest Ecobike e-bikes product catalog for 2023 season in PDF